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Why new user fail in online business?

fail in business

Why New User Fail in Online Business?

This post is for the newbies who enter in online business for the successful business but they usually fail.
in this post I’ll tell the reason that why 70% of 100% user fail in online business why they can’t do online business.
For online business you need the following things

  • Real Business
  • Website for your business
  • Website Promotion (Paid)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Are you missing any one option from the above?  Yes you are absolutely missing and that’s the reason of your failure.

Define the Real Business?

I use word real business which means you should be the expert in the business which you are going to do online. If you are not the expert and not know the well techniques of your business that sure you will fail In online business because for sure a huge number of other will doing the same business online like you. So to compete those one’s you must have the guts and techniques concerned to your business.

Website for Business?

This option is mostly very common and all users success to got his website.

Website Promotion (paid?)

To let the online user know about your website and business website promotion is the best way but it’s not free it’s paid, For better result and real buyers you have to advertise your website on major serach engines and social networks like Facebook, twitter,  and other famous social networks,

SEO caused failure in online business?

Yes SEO caused the failure of online business if you not adopt it. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Most of the internet user search on the internet using search engine about what they require. So to be in the list of your business query searches you have to choose the SEO.
SEO is the optimizing of your website on the search engine, as everyone know that google is the most used search engine in the worlds so the optimization of your website Is necessary to get the buyers from google.
For example you have business of “Garments” and you have made the website for this like:, and other 50 other peoples from your territory and they also have website like, So now you have completion with those business man and with their sites.
Now question is that all have website and dong online business than how’s you can compete theme online? Yes here we come on the SEO.  At this time you have to optimize your website so that Google will show your site on the top for searches related to Garments.
You may select any SEO consultant who will do the SEO for you are you can do yourself if you have knowledge of it.

Description: When your start website for online business and not do any type of promotion and even not hire any SEO consultant or do SEO on your site, than result at the end of your you say “I Can’t do online business”
I am very sure if you adopt the all the aspect that are necessary for online business than for sure you will not fail in online business.

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  1. ADEEL December 17, 2013 at 7:06 pm #

    Thankx Very useful information.

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