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Which SEO Tips Should follow in 2014

Which SEO Tips Should follow in 2014

As SEO is becoming so though & though every year specially to rank your website in Google.
So I am going to share some techniques that should be follow in 2014.

Title of Pages

google seo title
If you are doing professional SEO your your title should not be longer than 70 characters. Target your long keyword in title.

Description of your pages

description of sites

Description should be unique on all the pages related to the content of pages. Also try to use competitive keywords in descriptions.

Keyword on Your pages

You can mention as much as keyword you want. The keyword should must be relevant try to target long phase keywords and high competitor keywords.

Image on your Pages

Optimize your images for search engine. use ALT tag so that you can get the images result in Google search.

URL’S Structure Search Engine Friendly URLS

seo friendly url
Do not add any ? # or any special mark in the URL’s. it should be like yourpage-name-here.html or without .html so it’s look easy to read.

Content is Still King

Content is still king for optimization your website. Your article should have minimum 450 – 500 words.

Website Speed website-speed-seo

Use the JS and CSS to make your website faster.

Internal Linking

Internal linking part of on page optimization. Link the internal pages in all the pages with keyword.

Social Buttons

social button on website
Add social button so that user can share your pages on their profiles. This will help you to get good ranking.

Site Map of Website.

Creat XML sitemap of your website. Submit your site map to GOOGLE & Bing to get your website index faster.

Robots.txt file in Website

robot.txt files is used to allow and disallow the the pages to get index in search engines.


Add the analytic on your website to track the users keywords and further detail about website.

Web hosting

Your website speed depend on the hosting server you are using. Try to use the best services that provide you 99.99% uptime. Site that’s get too much down time can get de-indexed from the search engines.

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