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What is Negative SEO? How Negative seo works

negative seo

Why Negative SEO?

Negative SEO is another name of jealousy that your competitors do with your site. When it’s come into the knowledge of your competitor that he can’t compete you in the target than the negative SEO comes in his mind and become next choice of him,

What is Negative SEO?

Technically negative SEO is pointing out the huge quantity of low quality , Spam backlinks  to your website. Your competitor simple do this work by himself or he pay to any for the huge spam backlinks. As if you find on fiver you will get a lot of user providing 1000 backlinks in just 5$. When  a huge spam backlinks comes from others site to your Google and other search engine notice this and take your site down immediately.
Google consider that you are using some technique to get the top ranking in search engine on major competition keywords, Also there are a lot of other effect of negative seo but major I have mention in my post.

Only Competitor Do Negative SEO?

No, Not only competitors do the negative SEO, sometime it’s not come into your knowledge that negative seo is being done by you. For example you have pay for the backlinks and to whom you have paid is using auto backlink maker or any other scam software than you are doing negative seo yourself on your site. So I recommend you to not use any paid backlinks service only make the quality backlinks yourself.

What to do if you’re Site Have Been Impacted?

When ever your site have been impacted by negative seo you have to do some steps to get ride of the effect of negative seo.  Complete detail steps are mention in this post. How to Get Ride of Negative SEO?

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