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We’re unable to perform the transaction. Please get in touch with us


Skrill is just another payment medium like PayPal that allows payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet, While using Skrill account for sending & receiving payments you might get any problems or error.
We’re unable to perform the transaction. Please get in touch with us. Skrill error,
This error which you will get on screen while trying to send the fund to any other skrill account.

Why this Skrill Error?

There are several reasons could be that you getting this error but most probably you get this error when your Skrill account is Un-verified and you have not provided the documents for verification to skrill, Skrill put this limits on Skrill account if you using Un-verified skrill for many number of transactions.

How to solve this Skrill problem?

Just do contact to the Skrill support department and ask them why you are unable to make any transaction, in the very first response they will ask you about the usage of skrill account like For what purpose you are using skrill account? or what is your business etc, You have to answer all of these questions to them.
Make it sure while answering to them that you are not using the accounts against their Terms & Conditions.
If you using account for online freelancing transactions just tell them that you are a freelancer who send & receiver payments against work.

Skrill not responding to emails?

Yes Skrill stuck when it is about to get support over emails, however probably you will be getting no response on emails so if so in this case you need to call them on their number, Call support is quick ans will save a lot of your time, However before calling them must submit all details about the issue  to them on email so that you can refer the email for easy conversation.

Skrill contact number?

+44 203 308 2520
(rates depend on your provider)

To send an email or get other numbers of skrill you can contact them here:


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