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Google not indexing main website

Google not indexing main Website Domain Have you search in google and seen that google is not showing your main domain and showing the other url’s or subdomains? Yes this is the problems mostly caused to users and they than claim that they are not getting reasonable traffic on site. Solution of Not Indexing? first […]

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Best Business Ideas in Pakistan

Best Business Ideas in Pakistan Money without circulation will get less day by day, in Pakistan many peoples have money but they don’t have idea that which profitable business should start in Pakistan? There are many business option’s are available you may choose any one according to your choice, but before mentioning the business names […]

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How to Open Dispute in Payza

How to Open Dispute in Payza As Payza is one the payment medium is using after the paypal and Moneybookers and well known accepted by many companies world wide, Payza dispute is great option to save your money from being scammed. If any one online did the scam with you and not deliver the product […]

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payza dollars reversed

Payza Dollars Reversed by Payza

My Payza Dollars Reversed by Payza. As Payza is one the payment medium is using after the paypal and Moneybookers and well known accepted by many companies world wide, Payza users have the problems in the payza fund, that they receive fund from their clients for providing services online or from any third party, and […]

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csf installation centos

How to Install CSF on WHM/Cpanel

CSF stands for ConfigServer Security is a open source firewall for your server Cpanel/WHM that provide you the best security. Compaitble with the linux servers. With CSF you may block/restrict the ports which you not want to open. CSF also have the LFD (Login Failure Daemon) which monitor the failed login attempt of the users […]

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fail in business

Why new user fail in online business?

Why New User Fail in Online Business? This post is for the newbies who enter in online business for the successful business but they usually fail. in this post I’ll tell the reason that why 70% of 100% user fail in online business why they can’t do online business. For online business you need the […]

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get ride negative seo

How to Get Rid of Negative SEO

How to get rid of Negative SEO When your site is affected by the negative SEO as we posted a detail about what is Negative SEO in our previous post, It’s become necessary for you to do the following steps to stop your site getting panalized by the google, Google has introduced a tool which […]

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negative seo

What is Negative SEO? How Negative seo works

Why Negative SEO? Negative SEO is another name of jealousy that your competitors do with your site. When it’s come into the knowledge of your competitor that he can’t compete you in the target than the negative SEO comes in his mind and become next choice of him, What is Negative SEO? Technically negative SEO […]

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