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How to Get Rid of Negative SEO

get ride negative seo

How to get rid of Negative SEO

When your site is affected by the negative SEO as we posted a detail about what is Negative SEO in our previous post,
It’s become necessary for you to do the following steps to stop your site getting panalized by the google, Google has introduced a tool which called Disavow tool which is just for the purpose to tell that google that you are not in building that Sammy links that is being pointed to your site and that links are made by your competitor or any other source,

What is Disavow tool?

Disavow is tools which allow user to remove the low quality links at the time when your site is being assessed by the Google. Matt Cutts Introduce this tool in Google webmaster and in this tool itself say
“If you believe your site’s ranking is being harmed by low-quality links you do not control, you can ask Google not to take them into account when assessing your site.””

When Disavow tool should be use?

When you think that the links are spam and you have never made these links and that links may harm your site you may really go with Disavow tools and it’s time to use it before your site get penalized by the Google.
If I Have backlinks that I not made?
No problem , if you have the backlinks that not made by you but have real and not spam backlinks, than you never need to use Disavow tool.

How to Start Using Disavow tool?

Open the disavow tool from this link :
Open it and select the site which is effect by the negative SEO
disavow tool webmaster
You need to make the text file which contain the url where your site links is located on that site, the text file is very simple you have one URL per line and same have to enter all the links in text file,
After that click on Disavow links

disavow links

and in popup upload the text file that you have created of links,
upload disavow links
Simple structure provided by the google for the text file which you will upload in Disavow tool.

# Contacted owner of on 7/1/2012 to

# ask for link removal but got no response
# Owner of removed most links, but missed these

The lines which started from # mean that it’s comments that you are giving the information about the links,
After uploading the links into disavow tool google will recrawl and re-index the links before your site effect and it’s may take couple of weeks by the google. If you have any problem while doing all the process let me know through comments,

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