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Google not indexing main website


Google not indexing main Website Domain

Have you search in google and seen that google is not showing your main domain and showing the other url’s or subdomains?
Yes this is the problems mostly caused to users and they than claim that they are not getting reasonable traffic on site.

no index in google

Solution of Not Indexing?

first of all you have to look at your main page content, that if there anything wrong with the content that’s why google is not indexing it?

  1. Adult content
  2. Content that advocates against an individual, group, or organization
  3. Copyrighted material
  4. Drug, alcohol, and tobacco-related content
  5. Hacking and cracking content
  6. Sites that offer compensation programs (“pay-to” sites)
  7. Sites that use Google Brand features
  8. Violent content
  9. Weapon-related content
  10. Other illegal content

if you analyze your content is fine, and have not any issue from the above mentioned.

Check Robot.txt for indexing

if you have added the robot.txt file in your website open it, usually it’s will be found in public_html main root.
open the robot.txt if this code is mentioned in it

Disallow: /index.php
Disallow: /index.hmtl

remove these both codes, with these code you are telling too google that don’t index the main pages of your site.
No , there is no url in robot.txt? issue is other, ok now read the below.

Source of Your Homepage

if any one of the following code will be in the source of your page , than google will not index that page.

<meta name="robots" content="noindex"> (will not allow everybots to index your site)
<meta name="googlebot" content="noindex"> (will not allow google bots to index your site)

How to check the source code?
open your website main page or and than write click with any browser and click on View page source,
a new window will open, press control + f and find noindex , no-index , if you find any of one , than open your index.hmtl , or index.php and remove these codes.

index issue is with WordPress Website?

wordpress has by default option to disallow the search engine to index your site, some time user in mistakable tick on that option and a code of no index is added to the home page,
you can disable it by gooing to followin path than Setting >  Reading
and uncheck this option  Discourage search engines from indexing this site

wordpress no index

Everything is done. if you still have problem with site let me know through comments. I’ll check manually your site and tell you the exact problem.

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