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Best Free Tools for Keywords Research

Best Free Tools for Keywords Research Google Keyword Planner The first tools we discuss here is the google keyword planner formely (google adword keyword tool) Google keyword planner help us to find out the relevant keyword related to our queries. Using this tool we can get the idea of high competitor keywords and also know […]

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Which SEO Tips Should follow in 2014

Which SEO Tips Should follow in 2014 As SEO is becoming so though & though every year specially to rank your website in Google. So I am going to share some techniques that should be follow in 2014. Title of Pages If you are doing professional SEO your your title should not be longer than […]

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google page rank

No PageRank of my Website

No PageRank of Website Problem: I have website but not getting any page rank on it, i have reasonable traffic on my website coming from social networks and some direct traffic but still Google is not giving page rank to me , don’t know why? How’s Google Give Page Rank to Website? In the eye […]

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Google not indexing main website

Google not indexing main Website Domain Have you search in google and seen that google is not showing your main domain and showing the other url’s or subdomains? Yes this is the problems mostly caused to users and they than claim that they are not getting reasonable traffic on site. Solution of Not Indexing? first […]

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How to Get Rid of Negative SEO

How to get rid of Negative SEO When your site is affected by the negative SEO as we posted a detail about what is Negative SEO in our previous post, It’s become necessary for you to do the following steps to stop your site getting panalized by the google, Google has introduced a tool which […]

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What is Negative SEO? How Negative seo works

Why Negative SEO? Negative SEO is another name of jealousy that your competitors do with your site. When it’s come into the knowledge of your competitor that he can’t compete you in the target than the negative SEO comes in his mind and become next choice of him, What is Negative SEO? Technically negative SEO […]

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